Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Parts Bin Utility Bike Update

Some time back, I announced my plans to build up a new utility/commuter bike out of all the spare parts lying around my garage.  It was the kind of thing I thought would fill my winter days with interest and productivity, but a whole bunch of other stuff volunteered for that job.  So my winter project has become a summer occupation, and I have, finally made some headway on the project.

The classic vinyl-siding backdrop, second in glory only to the garage door.

I know I say so my self, but the project is coming together nicely.  Everything on the bike has come from the dark recesses of my shop space--wheels, tires, tubes, crank, all of it.  I've done better than I thought I would, actually, as even those stretches of cable and houseing tentatively hung above are made of scraps and discards.  I have a saddle waiting to go and both grips and pedals waiting in the wings.  I think I'll be able to field the parts-bin utility bike having only purchased a three-dollar rear shift cable.

I have more to say about parts, compromises, and adaptations, but the update, for now, is that the project is viable.  The timeline may be off, but it's going to happen.  I hope your projects are all proceeding apace . . .


  1. Nicely done, Val. Talk about re-cycling. But what I want to know is if that slick vinyl-siding came from your parts bin too.


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