This blog is inspired by the food bag handed out to bicycle racers passing through the feed zone during a race. The riders eat what they want and then toss the bag and its unhappy contents along the roadside.  We aim to offer a figurative feedbag, containing a delicious assortment of our musings on all things cycling, but with a particular attention to road cycling, touring, fat-biking, and gravel riding in central Alberta. Sample away and feel free to chuck the rest.   


  1. What ever happened w the BRC mullet project…. I’m about to buy this same bike as a utility bike and may make some upgrades. This wa 9 years ago so maybe this is old news. Thanks!

  2. How did the BRC mullet project work out?

  3. Funny you ask about this! I was cleaning out my garage a while back and saw the frame from that bike, which is all that's left. My son outgrew it years ago and we gradually harvested parts for other projects. But it worked just fine; the mullet concept wasn't crazy. I've hung the frame on the wall as a souvenir.


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