Thursday, November 24, 2011

Music and Cycling

So here we are: snow covers the streets, the temperature chills the body, and day light fades early.  So, the road bikes sit on trainers in Val’s garage, sheltered from the cold, dark, winter.   To ride but to go nowhere, to train indoors takes a particularly stubborn dedication.   We ride in consort to videos and we listen to music to motivate. Spin classes at health clubs (they will remain nameless here) play vapid music.  I want to start a play list for indoor training that does not deal with mainstream music and that provides the incentive to get on the bike and ride hard.   

Could you please make suggestions? 


  1. Devil with the Blue Dress

  2. Thank you Windy Gates.

    1. Devil with the Blue Dress.

    2. ?

  3. Kind of ashamed to say, but pretty much anything by Van Halen gets my vote.


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