Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspiration #4

This one is a little more commercial than I normally feel comfortable bringing into a space like the Musette.  But I cannot deny that about halfway through the video below, I was seized by a powerful urge to jump from my desk chair and go for a ride--so I'm saying that it makes the cut as inspirational material. 

It's also a great argument stopper.  If you find yourself having an endless debate with yourself (or someone else) about whether or not you need to buy that new doo-dad, this should convince you to save your money.  You are not going to go faster with those new rims.  You are not going to clean that trail you've never mastered with another 20mm of suspension travel.  Do not get conned into the belief that the right piece of gear will do the riding for you. 

Put your money back in your wallet.  Go practice riding your bike.  Practice a lot.


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