Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dusty 100 Route Details

The route for Sunday is confirmed, after a recon drive out to Dusty country last night. Same as last year. Here's the map.

We'll have cue sheets to hand out. The GPX file is here. It's from a few years ago when the start was at Victoria Settlement, but the route is the same.

The meeting/starting point is the small parking lot beside the monument with three flags, about one km east of the Metis Crossing campground. 

This year's Dusty 100 looks to be especially challenging. The gravel is fresh, soft, and deep in places, especially on the first half of the route. It's going to be a grind.  I would not attempt this ride on tires less than 32 mm wide, and even that could be pushing it. (In fact, you could quite literally end up pushing your bike for stretches.)

Have a look at the route and scope out a back up plan for if you have to bail. There are a few obvious places where you can cut the ride short. 

Oh, and the Dustometer is off the charts. I'll be packing the dust cover for my bugle. 


  1. Here is a TCX route for turn by turn notifications for Garmin 500/520 units.

    1. Thanks, Aaron. I will make a new post for this as well.

  2. I guess I was technically the first one back with a moving time of 3 hrs 47min.

  3. 3:46:54 Strava time with the Iron Horse detour.

    Great event, we all had a blast!

    1. Well done, Darryl! You are the proud owner of the FKT (fastest known time) for the Dusty 100. Glad you enjoyed the ride. It was a fine day out there.


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