Friday, March 31, 2017

Fat Free

I’ve got to lose weight.

End of March I always start to feel this way—bloated, heavy, settled. Winter is, inevitably, a time of taking on extra pounds.

But when spring hits and the days start getting long, you can feel that change in the air. That’s when you know it’s time to shed the weight.

I’m putting the fat bike away for the season. Bring on the skinny tires.

Even now around Edmonton, with spring nearly sprung, the trails have snow and Pigeon Lake has three feet of ice, so fat biking on them is, theoretically, an option. A messy one, maybe, but an option, for sure.

But not for me. I’m done with wide tires for a while. It was fun, for the first five months, anyway, trail riding and creek cruising on my fatty, but it's over.

Gravel will be ugly for another few weeks. It’s asphalt I’m craving now--even dirty, crud-caked, pot-holed tarmac. And the lightness, the promise, of a road bike.

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