Thursday, June 9, 2016

Overnight Postcard: Joseph Lake

First, came the sand flies, clouds of the tiny bastards, rising up out of the grass to greet us as we began pitching camp. Then, only minutes later, a stray dog peed on my tent. Seriously. Centennial Park Campground on Lake Joseph, about 75 km southeast of Edmonton, “The Best Kept Secret in Leduc County” (or so says the sign), was not making a good first impression. Besides which, the designation “Lake’” seems a bit generous for what is really a slough, a shallow pond that can’t be at any point as deep as my bike is tall. But all that didn’t really matter. We’d escaped the frantic city that afternoon, our bikes packed with minimal camping gear, and soon enough we (that’s Val, Penn, me, and the sandflies) were watching a long, mellow orange sunset across the “lake,” glasses of whisky and cans of Pringles on the picnic table, the campfire crackling (and its smoke baffling the flies), with plans for new cycling adventures being hatched.


  1. Perhaps Joseph Lake should remain a best kept secret?

  2. Hi Jasper -

    I'm eager to foray into the word of semi serious cycle touring and I'm wondering how you and your crew secure your steeds after dark.

    1. I've never worried much about locking up my bike on an overnight. I let my steed roam free, though I park it right beside my tent. It depends, though, on where you're camping and if you're alone or with others. Penn is so fond of his Fargo that he's been known to bring it into his little tent and spoon the night away.


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