Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Notable Run

Three Alberta wheelmen completed a century run of 101 ¼  miles on June 15, making a grand circuit between South Cooking Lake and Lamont, Alberta.

Once the gentlemen had mustered at the Twin Island Airfield, Captain Jasper Gates sounded the starting bugle 7.17 o’clock. During their run, they took a leisurely lunch at the Elk Island Inn and two other rest breaks of 20 minutes each, including one where they enjoyed the fortifying contents (sardines and Oreo cookies!) of a mystery cache prepared by Secretary Val Garou. The trio, accompanied awheel by their club mascot monkey, Bernard, rolled across the finish line at 3.45 o’clock in the afternoon.
Roads were hard and smooth, with the exception of one two mile stretch of soft gravel. Conditions were fair to good all the way, with favorable winds on the homestretch. No other wheelmen were encountered on the road. The only hardship of the ride occurred when Dr. P.C. Reveaux made a small header on a slippery rail crossing and was thrown violently to the ground, bruising his hand and bending his brake lever. The good doctor mounted again and rode on without further incident. It was a splendid run.

The next day, all three wheelmen declared themselves ready for more wheeling, though Reveaux said he couldn’t move his hand and Garou and Gates reported that their asses were sore. Bernard was feeling the ill effects of too many Oreo cookies.

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  1. Congratulations, guys!

    Also: Sardines and Oreos? Are you pregnant, Val? ;)


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