Monday, February 27, 2023

Dusty 100--2023 Edition

Come out for a day of classic Alberta gravel riding that kicks off with a bugle blast, includes a short stretch on the challenging Iron Horse Trail and a longer one on the scenic, historic Victoria Trail, and sends someone home with a coveted Surprise Bag.

Oh, and dust. We all go home with dust.

No registration fee. All are welcome: gravel lovers, the gravel-curious, and anyone up for a dusty adventure.

Sunday, June 4 at Metis Crossing 

This year we have three route options:

The Classic Dusty (100 km)

The Octogenarian (our new 80-km route)

The Li'l Dusty (50 km)

Bugle call for all routes at 9 am.

The exact routes will be confirmed a week ahead of time, after the Dusty crew recons the situation on the local roads.

Park at the small lot beside the flag poles, one kilometre east of Metis Crossing campground. There's a rustic toilet there (the kind that will do the trick but isn't a place you'd want to linger). There's no water; bring yer own.

A few things to know:

This is not a race, though some participants will ride it fast. We usually end up with some fast, medium, and slow groups. If you like to stop and read plaques, you’ll love this

But know that this is NOT a no-drop ride; in fact, people will almost certainly be dropped, some might get lost, and others will get half- way through, wonder why they ever agreed to try this, and seek a short-cut back to the parking lot.


No real prizes will be awarded, though we tend to give out a Petro Can Surprise Bag to the Dustiest Rider.Riders will be given a GPX file and, if you want it, an old-school cue sheet--that's all.

There is a gas-station store at Waskatenau at about the 60-km mark of the 100-km route. It's got a surprisingly tasty selection of baked goods. That's the only supply point. Most riders stop there for a break.

Ride whatever kind of bike you like but be prepared for a range of gravel conditions, from hardpack to softloam.

Heed the bugle!

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