Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Fat Bike Vow

I, Jasper Gates, do solemnly swear that in purchasing this brand spanking new On One Fat Bike, hereafter referred to as “FB” (and which is, apparently, to be delivered to me some time in the next 6 days, possibly even by Christmas!), I will

Strive, at all times, to remember that I am an adult, with obligations and responsibilities, and cannot spend all my free time riding the aforementioned FB, even though riding a FB has a way of making me feel like a kid on Christmas morning;

Not allow said FB to interfere with my pursuit of other wintery leisure activities, especially those I enjoy doing with my spousal unit, to wit, cross-country skiing and skating and walking;

Not cause my spousal unit to become a fat-bike widow, whose husband disappears into the river valley for hours on end after every snowfall;

Occasionally allow the car to also be parked in the garage along with the FB;

Not neglect the other bicycles in my garage, that I will continue to love them equally in each’s own special way, even though the FB will obviously be my favorite, at least for the foreseeable future; 

Not scoff at bicycle tires less than 3.8” wide;

Allow, on special occasions, my teenage son Gil to ride said FB, though only under certain very carefully controlled conditions;

Remember that there are fun, meaningful, fulfilling activities in life other than riding my new FB.

Dated December 18, 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  1. hi jasper, first congrats. i keep thinking that buying a fatbike should be an easy process but i am finding it anything fat? geometry? racing bike, steel? wait for new bikes to arrive....argggggh! why did you choose an on one?

    1. Thanks, Curt. I know what you mean. I've been wrestling with this for months. I chose On One because it seemed the best bang for the buck. I couldn't justify paying full price for a new Pugsley and used are impossible to find around here. But On One's been making fatties for a few years now and the reviews have been positive. Plus they're shipping it from the UK to my house for $100. Bikesdirect, meanwhile, won't ship to Canada at all. We'll see how it all shakes down.

  2. jasper

    i'm guessing your landing that bike for around $1400-1500. did you get a chance to look at the kona wo or tge norco bigfoot? both are about that price.

    1. Yep. $1500, including shipping. No, I didn't seriously consider either of those others, though I've heard of them. To be honest, I relied on the advice of my good friend, Val, who knows more about these things than I. He seemed to think the On One had the best overall package for the money. And I like the fact that On One has been making fatties for a few years now. But now that I look at them, the Kona and Bigfoot seem like reasonable options for the same price point, as they say.

  3. i will be interested in your review. the kona and norco are both aluminum frames. i think steel is the way to go. i'm still not sure i can justify one of these beasts!!
    maybe you can convince me!


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