Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Li'l Dusty

Are you gravel-curious?

For the first time, The Dusty 100 Gravel Challenge (happening on June 2) is offering a shorter option, which we're calling the Li'l Dusty Half Hundred. It's a 50-km loop that still includes some of the scenic, historic, and lovely Victoria Trail featured in the longer route. 

It's a mellower option for those who are new to gravel riding and looking for a no-pressure debut; those still seeking their early season form; those likely to be hungover that day or unable to get out of bed in time for the 100 km event's 9 am start.

The Li'l Dusty Half Hundred, laid back as it is, rolls out a couple hours after the full 100 field. Bugle call at a very civilized 11 am. 

Same starting point, the parking lot with the flag poles one-kilometre east of Metis Crossing.

Note: The 50-km course has no services at all, so bring all your own water, food, etc.

Almost any bicycle could work for this ride, but we think you'll enjoy it more with tires that are 32 mm or wider. 

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