Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Worm Carnage

Rained all day here on Saturday, so even though the sun was shining yesterday, the roads were still damp, even bepuddled in places. Which means our Sunday road ride was worm carnage. 

I can't say that I noticed many worms on the asphalt as we pedalled, but when we finished and looked at our bikes, this is the gruesome spectacle we witnessed: tiny, noodly corpses attached to pretty much every surface of our bicycles. Tires, of course, rims, spokes, cables, down tube, brakes--even one affixed somehow to Val's headset. ("The horror!" I can almost hear Chris King whispering.)

The wormicide was vast and indiscriminate, though absolutely accidental. The only consolation I can offer the ghosts and relations of these valiant wrigglers is the knowledge that our bikes carried them away on a tremendous journey (by, you know, worm standards, anyway), that few of their brethren will ever know, to that wormy Stovokor above and beyond the tarmac.  

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