Thursday, May 23, 2019

Advice from the Modern Cyclist, 1923 (A Hundred in a Day)

"Any cyclist, man or woman, who is good enough in physique and health to ride 50 or 60 miles on a Saturday or Sunday holiday, can double it in the course of a long summer day without undue fatigue and without special preparation, supposing that he is decently mounted and does not encounter a strong head wind all the day.

Do not go much more than 20 miles or two hours without food, but do not be always eating. Carry raisins or chocolate or even biscuits in your pockets, or in a little bag where you can reach them without dismounting. Chew these things very thoroughly and keep them in the mouth till they disappear. Apples and oranges are better than any drinks. Drink as little as possible, and never take alcoholic liquors on a long ride.

Do not wear anything that is tight, especially at neck, wrists, or knees. The best way to rest is to lie full length."

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  1. Such sage advice. I think I am going to go "lie full length" on the couch for an hour or so right now...


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